Welcome to Whole Health!

Whole Health was born from the idea of serving you; body, mind and spirit with a multidisciplinary approach to holistic health. We are passionate about providing you with an individualized approach to address your healthcare needs. Within Whole Health, we are pleased to offer you Independent Dental Hygiene services, Holistic Nutrition, Audiology, and Chiropractic care. In addition to our clinical services, we also offer a quite space for yoga and meditative practice.

Guiding Women + Men to Whole Health, holistically

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Meet Jenn!


Jennifer Arbuckle is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Essential Oil Advocate for dōTERRA.

Jenn is passionate about health and wellness and has spent the past few years educating herself on alternative healthcare options to achieve optimal health and vitality. She is excited to offer you a holistic based dental hygiene setting, where traditional care is upgraded to a more natural approach, she will take into consideration nutrition and overall wellness when addressing your primary dental hygiene concerns and when creating your individualized dental hygiene treatment plan. Jenn is please to offer fluoride-free and toxic-free polishing paste to ensure you are being taken care of from the inside out.

In addition to Dental Hygiene, Jenn is accepting clients who are interested in learning more about nutrition and making a shift to natural health. Perhaps you have a specific ailment that you’re dealing with, or your sick (pun intended) of yet another pharmaceutical that is only “bandaiding” the issue, perhaps you’re needing guidance in weight loss, or a solution for your digestive discomforts, or your looking for better sleep solutions.

Jenn can help provide options to help you achieve optimal health, and work with you to create a lifestyle that feels achievable for you.