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If you would like to purchase essential oils for personal use you can visit my Store by clicking HERE and select SHOP. Before you shop, I would consider the following:

  • My SECRET tip for consumers? Having your own Wholesale account like I do is a great way for you to save SAVE 25-55% on your purchases! Who doesn’t love a savings like that?
  • Opening a Wholesale account is easy, you simply pay a one time fee $42 CDN which you quickly get back in savings after a few purchases.
  • There is NO monthly obligation with a wholesale account. None what so ever, I promise!
  • A Wholesale account can qualify you for plenty of additional benefits.
  • Another TIP for you: Consider an Enrolment Kit when starting out. Enrolment kits INCLUDE your membership fee, and set you up with a variety of essential oils and oil blends to get you started.
  •  If your ready to get started on your wellness journey with me and these tools, and you want to get yourself a membership,
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    CLICK HERE for a detailed step by step walkthrough of how to open your wholesale accou
  • See the Top 10 Essential Oil Usage Guide here: CLICK HERE

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